Executive Coaching


Helps the executive improve skills and behaviors to produce results and advance their career. A unique approach is used to help the executive clearly see the improvement opportunity, analyze the opportunity in terms of their own value system, craft their own plan of action, learn new skills and behaviors, and ultimately perform more effectively. 

The process of assessment, planning and coaching usually involves face-to-face as well as telephone support for a number of months. The executive literally has a partner committed to helping them make the desired change. This coaching can be coordinated, as appropriate, with other professionals who also support the executive. Providing Coaching just prior to, or during, the time when an executive is assuming greater responsibility can maximize development and help assure a successful transition 

Strategy Development and Deployment


Helps the executive understand the strategic element of their position and be effective at developing and implementing strategy. The executive learns about thinking strategically and constantly assessing the environment for opportunities, as well as learning how to lead successful execution. Unique coaching and group processes are designed and tailored to fit the situation 

Organizational Development


Helps the executive learn how to strengthen his/her organization over time. This includes learning assessment techniques, advantages and disadvantages of various organizational structures, management team development, talent management, service delivery improvement, communication, change management, and planning and implementation competencies. With this assistance the executive becomes highly conscious and intentional about leveraging strengths and addressing weaknesses to build an exceptional organization